Sunday, May 8, 2011

my first mama's day

I still remember one of the first things i said quietly to Abby when she was born: "Hi, Baby...i'm your mommy!"

In the weeks after, i said it numerous times gazing down at the most beautiful, amazing little human being i'd ever seen, realizing she was mine. And, perhaps even more stunning, that i was hers.

Even now, three months later, it still amazes me that i'm a mother. It feels so natural, and yet i'm still the same Audrey that i was before Abby was even conceived. Maybe better - no, for sure better - but deep down at the core, the same. And i would jump to the conclusion that i was never a mother before, but even that isn't entirely true. Because i've been dreaming of it all my life. I've worked side by side with the most troubled young people, and that gave me an outlet to care. I yearned for my true love and found him, and i finally got to be the wife that i always wanted to be. And now, i'm a mother in its purest form.


I woke up this morning with my husband and our baby lying in bed between us, warm, cozy, secure. A room filled with love. Fat baby legs on soft sheets. We have to kiss her. It was probably the happiest morning i've had since the morning after Abby was born. She's mine, and i'm hers. This is our family.

Our Sweet Pea is starting to sprout!:

We visited Jeremy's parents, who were going out for lobsters (thank God we only have 6 days left until Maine), and then headed to my parents' house to meet up with my brother Tim and Grammy. Tim, Jeremy and i were having a clam boil for my mom. Tim brought the wine and bread and chorico, and we brought the corn, onions, potatoes and 18 pounds of clams. Yes, that's right - 18lbs! The employees at Kyler's Catch tried convincing us the day before that 12 lbs would do, but we didn't listen. And good thing we didn't, for there was nary a clam left at the end of the day!

All in all, it was a perfect little celebration of family and food, and giving one another what mothers most often need...Help!


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