Monday, July 8, 2013

first friend

Abigail made her first friend today.

Wait,you're thinking, She's 2 1/2 years old and still has no friends?

First off, Abby is not in daycare. Aside from the occasional extended family get-togethers when she can see my cousins' kids, she really doesn't see other children too often. Sure, she's had acquaintances. There's Standish, the boy who lived in the next apartment at our old house (ok, he was more than an acquaintance to her, but she was just a baby then). There's Tucker and Kayleigh, who were born to co-workers of mine at the same time I had Abby (but again, they were babies). And there's Amelia and Memphis, the adorable kindergarten-age kids who live on Prudence Island. But as of yet, we don't know them very well.

Enter Reid, the Boy Next Door.

Reid is the grandson of our landlords. He is six, has bleach blond hair, and huge crystal blue eyes. I had heard about him when we moved here almost a year ago, but up til now I'd only glimpsed his figure as he zipped around the property on a go-cart with his dad.

The other night, we were enjoying a smorgasbord of steak, lobster and other shellfish on our patio with my aunt and uncle when Reid and his father appeared in the yard to park the family tractor in the barn, which faces our house. Abby was captivated by the sight of this small person on top of such a large vehicle, and kept asking us to go say hi. But it was Reid and his dad who walked over after locking the barn and introduced themselves.

I can't even put to words the magic of what happened next, but I'll try. Abby and Reid hit it off right away, and considering the obvious age and gender differences, it was incredibly entertaining to watch. This little boy was like no other I'd ever met. He was so calm, gentle, sweet, and caring. He didn't just listen to everything Abby said (and she had a lot to say), he bent down to her level so he didn't miss a single word. And for nearly an hour (or more? The five of us lost track of time in our amazement), the two of them kicked the soccer ball around the yard, looked at the flowers, picked peas together, and chatted endlessly about things that only the birds and the bees were privy to. Abby showed Reid her earthworms. He pushed her around in her little car, walked with her, cautioned her not to trip. At one point, we all noticed Abby's diaper falling down (it was all she was wearing, and I'd feel bad for her except that she's kind of a wild girl and probably couldn't have cared less), so I walked over and whispered in her ear if she'd like me to fix it. She said yes. And as soon as I started, Reid turned his head and said, "Don't worry, I'm not looking."

This mama could have cried. This mama almost did. Seeing my little girl eagerly make her first friend with such fearlessness would have been enough for me. But to have that first friend be someone so kind and reciprocal turned the entire milestone into magic. We simply couldn't have wished for a more perfect experience for her. Gratitude filled my heart that night, as I know it did Jeremy's.

Before Reid and his dad headed home, Reid told Abby, "Remember my name, ok? Practice it tonight." And then he added, "I'll be by tomorrow with my hot rod."

And then this mama did cry.
Monday, July 1, 2013

happy 3 months

You are 3 months old today, Sadiebelle.

You are mama's girl, through and through. You look like me. You prefer to be held by me. And if you had it your way, I'd be holding you 24 hours a day. My arms would be sore, but let's be honest...I wish I could hold you that much.

You have lots of delicious baby fat. You have mastered the art of The Coo. You have also mastered yelling for attention, though we're still not sure if this is something you figured out on your own, or learned from your big sister. You love watching Daddy and Abigail play, and bouncing you on my legs makes you laugh almost every time, but aside from us you still don't seem particularly interested in the world around you. And that's perfectly fine with me.

Sometimes, when I'm nursing you, and I'm talking to someone else, I'll realize suddenly that I don't feel you nursing anymore and you're extra quiet. And I look down and there you are watching me, nipple barely resting on your lip, with a big smile on your face. I will never forget this simple expression of pure, sweet, unadulterated love, or the way it makes my heart swell.

Sadie, I love you. You fill up a space inside of me that I didn't even know was there. My princess, my little lady. Happy 3 months, baby girl. <3


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