Monday, April 11, 2011

fog magic

Today Abby and i had one of those walks that words can't describe and pictures would fail to capture. It is a time that i want to lock away in the deepest part of my heart and save for a day when i want to look fondly upon all the warm, gentle memories i have with my daughter.

The sky was perfectly overcast, cool and permeated with humidity. The ocean was calm and only allowed its waves to lick at the shore with the strength a lazy dog lapping water on a hot summer day. A heavy mist sank its claws into the air and fought the threat of rain as a thick, seductive fog worthy of any pirate ship seemed to swallow the earth. I could barely see several yards out to sea, and the rest faded away into a cloud of nothing.

We got on the Shining Sea Bikeway at Trunk River and took the path to Woods Hole. I listened to Bon Iver and my mind seemed to clear instantly. Sometimes i walked, sometimes i jogged. Alone with my sleeping baby, surrounded by such beauty, i felt so alive. My mind was free, my body rejuvenating. My heart swelling with love for life and my family and everything that empassioned me.

I wish for us all more days like these, where we cherish the time that we are given by embracing God's love for us in the beauty of His creation and the precious gift of each of those that we hold dear. It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane, the hectic, the worry. But if we just step back for one moment to breathe and look around, we will find that the wondrous are everywhere, just waiting to be savored like a little fog magic.


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